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Crispy pork lard3

herbal- and pepper cream cheese3, served with a pretzel2 and a slice of traditional farmhouse bread

7.40 €

Swiss style sausage salad1a,12

with cheese stripes and onion, served with traditional farmhouse bread

7.90 €

Brewer's Snack

with smoked meat, liverwurst, bell pepper bacon1a, Bavarian meat loaf1,3,12 and beer cheese, served with butter and farmhouse bread

9.30 €


1.10 €

Potato soup

with root vegetables and browned sausage slices1a,12,1,3,8

4.50 €

Clear broth of beef

with liver spaetzle, semolina dumplings, pancake stripes and vegetable strips

4.50 €

2 pairs of Frankfurter sausages1a

with our Airbräu potato salad and mustard

7,90 €

3 Bavarian style veal sausages 2,12

with mustard and pretzel2

8,30 €

Bavarian style sausage salad1a,12

with onion, gherkin and traditional farmhouse bread

7.60 €

3 scoops of Bavarian cheese spread3

with chives, pretzel2 and farmhouse bread

7.80 €

Various Bavarian cheeses1,3,4

with butter and traditional farmhouse bread

9,90 €

Bavarian style meat loaf1,3,12

with potato salad

7.90 €

Smoked Salmon

on a piece of fried potato patty with salad and mustard-dill sauce3,2,12

11.90 €

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Contains: 1) preservatives 1a) sodium nitrite 2) food coloring 3) antioxidants, saccharine 8) phosphates 9) sulfites 10) quinine 11) caffeine 12) flavor enhancers 13) color stabilizer 14) wax

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