Outstanding quality – outstanding flavor

2 pieces Tyrolean spinach dumplings

on fruity tomato sauce with grated mountain cheese1 and salad of the season2,3

8.90 €

Small mixed salad2,3

with croutons

4.90 €

Mixed salad "Airbräu"

Stripes of sirloin grilled in herbed butter on garden-fresh leaf salads3,2 with house dressing2

11.90 €

Spaetzle in creamy sauce

with melted cheese1, fried onions and garden salad2,3

8,90 €

Mixed garden salad3,2

served with roasted breast of turkey hen, mushrooms, roasted pumpkin seeds and French dressing2

9.90 €

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Contains: 1) preservatives 1a) sodium nitrite 2) food coloring 3) antioxidants 8) phosphates 9) sulfites 10) quinine 11) caffeine 12) flavor enhancers 13) color stabilizer 14) wax

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