Airbräu is the only airport brewery in the world crafting its beers in compliance with the exacting standards of the Purity Decree of 1516. We use only hops from the renowned Hallertau region and the finest Hofbräuhaus brewer's yeasts.


FliegerQuell – our classic semi-dry ale

FliegerQuell, with its distinctive hop flavor, is on tap all year round, and Airbräu guests should be sure to sample it. This full-bodied ale with its deep, golden color and aromatic flavor is a refreshing pleasure to a beer drinker's palette. In 2010 FliegerQuell was selected by the German Agricultural Society as the winner of the DLG Gold Medal for the second time.


Kumulus – the refreshing weissbier

Weissbier fans will love Kumulus, another Airbräu beer available all year round. Refreshing, lively and fruity, with the typical feel of a top-fermented beer and slightly reduced carbonation, this is a beer that goes down easily. Some who try it tell us that Kumulus puts them on Cloud Nine. They must be paying the flavor a compliment.


Jetstream – our new Pilsener

A pilsener we brew ourselves, with a healthy presence of hops and a dry, lean taste. These are the defining features of the latest addition to the Airbräu family of beers. Lighter in color than FliegerQuell, this naturally cloudy beer fits in perfectly. An exotic species in the Bavarian beer habitat, but appealing not only to those who have just landed here.

Our seasonal beers: year-round enjoyment

Naturally you'll find seasonal selections at Airbräu for a variety of occasions:


Aviator – a hearty double bock beer

The beer calendar starts off with Aviator, a dark double bock that is always on tap at Airbräu between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Full-bodied in flavor and dark in color, it is a beer to be savored. The origins of double bock are to be found not far from Airbräu, in a monastery above the Isar River near the Munich city center.


Mayday – a malty weissbier

The first barrel of Mayday is tapped on May 1st. The dark barley malt used in the brewing process yields a characteristically intense flavor. This dark weissbier is the culmination of Bavaria's long weissbier tradition. Enjoy this refreshing beer in the early summer.


Airnten – the light summer beer

Our brewmaster has been producing this light, tingling weissbier every summer since 2007. Somewhat lighter than Kumulus, it is ideal for hot days, even better of course on summer evenings in the cool shade of the chestnut trees in the Airbräu beer garden.


Festbier – for the Bavarian festival season

Just in time for the start of the big festivals, we start serving our Airbräu Festbier. Preferably quaffed from a traditional stein, this easy-to-drink, full-bodied beer is on tap at Airbräu during Bavaria's "fifth season." It ideally complements the traditional, hearty dishes we serve.


Krampus – the dark winter beer

Krampus is the final seasonal treat on our Airbräu beer calendar. Dark in color, but with the right robustness for the winter season and a full-bodied flavor: this is the beer for ringing in the new year. In Alpine regions, Krampus is St. Nick's grumpy sidekick who doles out coal to the naughty children. But have no fear: the Airbräu Krampus has only pleasant surprises in store!

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