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Monday is schnitzel day!

Tuesday is Delicacies day

Friday is fish day!

Saturday is suckling pig day!

Sustainable food tastes even better
From traditional white sausages, to eggs, pretzels and milk – fresh food from our region is the tastiest and best way to go.

Treating our environment responsibly is important to us. That is why we are committed to sustainability.

We want to know where our ingredients come from. Nearly 90% of our products are sources in Bavaria, including 50% from the area surrounding Munich Airport. We buy butter in Wasserburg am Inn, pig's feet in Munich and onions in Ismaning.

By making regional and seasonal products a priority in our purchasing decisions, we not only protect the environment, but also support local agriculture, processing businesses and wholesalers.


Our refreshing Airbräu beers bierkrug
Choose from FliegerQuell, Kumulus
or one of our
seasonal beers:
Airbräu – the brewery



kochmuetzeRecipes (in German for the time being!)

Bavarian specialties to cook at home. You'll find our best recipes here.

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