LabCampus is Germany's number one location for innovation and cross-industry cooperation

  • Cross-industry innovation ecosystem of Munich Airport
  • Spacious area of 500,000 sqm in total
  • Cooperation and collaboration of companies, startups, creatives, research institutes and investors
  • Realization of joint innovation schemes and R&D projects in the proximity of the airport

In seeking new business models and services, companies are faced with new partner constellations, technologies and issues. LabCampus wishes to support you actively in your innovative projects and brings together innovators from a variety of industries.

On an area of some 50 hectares, LabCampus enables products and services to be developed, tested and presented jointly with customers, users, suppliers and partners. Spacious test areas from a single source, access to 150,000 passengers by each day and very good international connections make LabCampus a first-class innovation location and lively urban space. As wholly owned subsidiary of Flughafen München GmbH, LabCampus combines all necessary innovation services on site and takes up new innovative trends for the further development of the campus long-term as well. 

The first of four quarters providing space for approx. 4,000 employees on an area of over 120,000 sqm will be ready for occupancy as of 2021. FMG is also redeveloping its own Airport Academy. The Information Security Hub has already opened.

In this age of globalization and digitalization, airports must explore new avenues to take advantage of the opportunities of site development. LabCampus is a forward-looking step in this context.

Dr. Michael Kerkloh, 

President and Chief Executive Officer, Flughafen München GmbH

Munich Airport is frequented by 150,000 people every day: passengers, visitors and employees who are potential customers, business partners and also visitors for LabCampus. Nowhere else is there better connectivity with customers and partners.

Thomas Weyer

Chief Financial Officer, Flughafen München GmbH

LabCampus is an entirely new style of innovation campus. It is our mission to help companies innovate more successfully.

Together we want to explore new avenues in cross-industry cooperation.

Dr. Marc Wagener

Managing Director, LabCampus