Take Airbräu home

Enjoy the original Airbräu taste at home

Revive the beautiful memories of your stay in Munich with a bottle of original Airbräu beer. Enjoy the incomparable taste for yourself or share with family and friends. 

Also perfect as a gift: Why not make a loved one happy and give him or her a real piece of Bavaria?

Aircraft beer

Our aircraft is a light, unfiltered full beer, a creation that is associated with a lot of love and work. It is our only craft beer, which is made by hand from beginning to end. Like all Airbräu beers, the Aircraft is brewed according to the Purity Law of 1516.

You can buy the aircraft as a handy six-pack directly at Airbräu's.

Aircraft beer

Party Can

Our 5 liter party can, suitable for any occasion. Easy to use, our beer can be self-dispensed in seconds. Filled with Fliegerquell.


Good beer tastes best freshly tapped from the barrel with a head of foam. Our practical barrel for long-lasting beer enjoyment can be individually filled with all our standard and seasonal beers.

Available at Airbräu.

Only to order at 089 975 931 11 at least 5 days in advance.