About us

About the AirportAcademy

Established in 1992, Munich AirportAcademy is the internationally recognized training division of Munich Airport – Europe’s first five star airport.

At the AirportAcademy, we are passionate about learning new things and helping you achieve better work results. Though our holistic approach to aviation and non-aviation training, we are able to address diverse learning needs of our own staff and our clients. 

With our faculty demonstrating over 30 years of professional experience, more than 38.000 training days and 16.000 participants who visit us every year, we guarantee high quality learning, successful training outcomes and best practices.

Different employees build the letter "M"
Munich Airport - a diverse company with various occupational fields

We are convinced that people are at the center of all value creation today and will remain so in the future. That's why we do everything we can to continuously support ambitious companies in bringing the competence of their employees to a new level.

Alexander Hömer - VP of AirportAcademy

Expertise that makes the difference

Through close relation with our mother company – Munich Airport, we stay up to date with latest industry developments and emerging training needs. We offer comprehensive training services in various areas of:

  • Airport operations, safety, security and technical fields as well as wealth of 
  • Management, leadership and personal development options.

With unique chance to access to operational facilities and all technical premises, our training solutions stand out as some of the most innovative and inclusive on the market. We specialize in designing and facilitating tailor-made training programs for our international clients, who get first-hand insights into our hub operation, exchange expertise and draw inspiration from authentic Bavarian hospitality.

Training quality

As knowledge is in today’s economy differentiator and innovation driver, measuring its quality offers profound value to the business. In our efforts to continuously improve learning effectiveness and its impact on performance, we use mix of different evaluation methods. These include: 

  • the input such as: learning needs, quality of course content and presentation and 
  • the output such as: reaction to learning, improved skills, knowledge, productivity and impact on individual and organizational performance. 

Learning on two levels

In order to be able to adjust learning content, delivery and training methods according to learner’s response, behaviour and performance, we evaluate learning on two levels:

  • Individual: conducted as summative and formative assessments of acquired skills and knowledge
  • Organisational: learning strategy is evaluated against strategic business goals and learning prioritization criteria as well as further needs that arise from changes in organisational and external environment.

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Flughafen München GmbH
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Logo ACI Accredited Training Partner (ATP) and logo of TUEV SUED DIN ISO9001 (quality management system)

Accreditation and Partnerships

Keeping abreast with industry newest developments, meeting quality standards and expanding our training offering, has been made possible through our collaboration with international partners and key institutions.

We are delighted to be the one of ACI’s recognised Accredited Training Partners and strategic partners, serving the aviation industry by facilitating development of training curriculum, sharing our extensive operational knowledge and expertise, and jointly delivering training programs.

Within the context of promoting education excellence, we invest in our instructors’ qualification – having a pool of IATA certified trainers as well as in accreditation – we hold TÜV Süd Certification for excellent training quality standards. 

Event venue

AirportAcademy offer includes conference and events services. Whether you are hosting a large event or small workshop, we can help you organize it. We have available fantastic location close to Munich Airport, fully equipped facilities, on-site catering and own photography and film production company.

In April 2023, the  AirportAcademy moved to a new location at the LabCampus, which is an innovation, research and cross-industry collaboration centre of Munich Airport. We will offer even more attractive opportunities for training participation and organization. 

In 2023 the AirportAcademy moved into its brandnew building at Munich Airport´s LabCampus.