Safety & Security

Safe and secure airport operations

Maintaining safe and secure airport operations is one of the most important tasks of every airport employee.

Our Safety & Security training courses are aimed at airport staff as well as external service providers, partners and suppliers who have regular dealings with the airport. We not only provide legally required training on airport security, but also help employees working at the airport to acquire the best skills and qualifications for carrying out their security duties.

As a result, they acquire essential knowledge of legal and security regulations in aviation, understanding of obligations and responsibilities, emergency procedures and reporting mechanisms.


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Course offer

Our Safety & Security seminars aim to:

  • Enhance safety and security awareness amongst staff
  • Enable external service providers, partners and suppliers to have access to restricted airport areas
  • Prepare employees with security-related jobs (e.g. security personnel, aviation security screeners, staff involved in passenger handling and those responsible for on-airport deliveries) to effectively perform in their roles.

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