Cyber Security Awareness for IT-Pros

With lab 

This classroom training is aimed at IT specialists with administrative rights, i.e. primarily administrators, but also developers or architects who plan systems or set up and operate test environments. In this training course, the participants are shown the connection between their own behaviour and effective cyber security through numerous demos and hands-on lab exercises. The participants work with their own laptops on virtual server systems and slip into the role of the attacker. They actively scan the systems for exploitable vulnerabilities, use current attack tools and hack into the course systems.


Upon completion of the course participants will be able to:

  • understand the changing threat landscape and its impact on their jobs.
  • understand why and how the resilience against cyber-attacks needs to be improved.
  • understand the requirements in guidelines and instructions.


  • Intro: Advanced Persistent Threats
  • APT attacks on the human factor:

- Social Engineering

- Spear phishing, trojans, viruses and USB gadgets

  • APT attacks on systems:

- Reconnaissance and analysis: port and vulnerability scans

- Exploitation of vulnerabilities

- Lateral movement: credential dumping and pass the hash/ticket

  • What does the current security strategy look like?

- Technology - Processes - People

-  Prevention - Detection - Response

  • Prevention: Improve your resilience

- Hardening / Patching: * What does hardening mean and why is compliance elementary? * Why do systems have to be patched promptly?

- Secure Administration: * Role Based Access Control (RBAC)* Password management & PIM/PAM solutions

- Security Architectures

  • Detection & Response

- SIEM systems and Malware analysis

  • Summary and Call to Action

Target group

This one-day course is aimed at IT specialists with administrative rights. The training is designed for Windows and Linux administrators as well.

At a glance

  • Form of learning: Classroom training
  • Location: Munich Airport
  • Language: English


On request

Duration: 1 days


990,- € plus 19% VAT

Price includes event attendance, food and drinks during the event.


  • ISH - Information Security Hub

  • Street Südallee 1 
  • Zip code / City 85356   Munich Airport


Team International Training

AirportAcademy - Munich Airport